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This is a typewriter that can be used to help with content marketing for startups.

In short, we write great content for you and get that content ranked high up on Google.

How It Works

Our work with content marketing for startups usually happens on laptops.

SEO Audit and Keyword Analysis

The moment you become a customer, we do a deep SEO audit on your site. If we are are going to get you ranking in the top three on Google, we need to make sure we're building on the right base. Then, we do an industry keyword analysis to identify the opportunity to rank for high traffic keywords with lower competition.

We Create Blog Content For You

We then take what we learned from the keyword analysis and give you a list of 5-7 posts titles we could write for you for the first month. You pick your top four, and our writers get to work. Of course, every post is optimized for a specific keyword. We send out posts every Monday.

Every month, receive your content marketing plan from Publoft

Every week, get new post that is part of your content marketing plan, from PubLoft.

Monthly Review

SEO results don't come immediately. This is why it is important we have a monthly review with all of our customers to review what went well, what didn't, and how we can improve going into the next month. Again, this isn't a "press a button and get ranked instantly" type thing. But, stick with us and you'll get ranked. I guarentee it.

We Pay For Awesome Tools So You Don't Have To.

As a PubLoft customer, you get premium service. We pay top dollar for the best tools out there, just so our customers know they are getting the best service available.



SEMrush is the top SEO tool in the market, and it was the obvious choice when picking our long term SEO solution. It's the best in the industry, and our customers only get the best.



When writing a blog post, images are just as important as the text surrounding them This is why we decided to invest in ShutterStock, one of the largest stock photo suppliers on the internet, to give you the top options for pictures. .



It doesn't matter that you write a blog post if it isn't relevant or no one is searching it. BuzzSumo scrapes the web to identify the types of content that perform best with different audiences. With BuzzSumo, every post we write for you will be relevant.


You'll Be In Good Company

From world class accelerators to quickly growing startups, many trust PubLoft with their SEO and blogging efforts

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What Do You Say?

Getting noticed for startups is important, but it also takes time.
Let us help out with your SEO/content and you keep building a product your customers love.


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