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This is a typewriter that can be used to help with content marketing for startups.

We'll Turn Your Blog Into A Lead Generating Machine

You don't need a rocket scientist to plan out your content. You need someone who understands your goals, and someone who can craft content to hit those goals. Every month, we send you a content calendar with the posts we plan to create and publish for you. It's a simple setup.


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How It Works

Our work with content marketing for startups usually happens on laptops.

1. Fill Out A Blog Review

When you fill out a content review, this gives us an idea of what type of content you're looking for to hit your goals. Whether you need instructional content for sales collateral or you need sharable content for social media posts, we know it's never one size fits all. That is why this review exists. This 7 minute form is all we need to start crafting a blog strategy for you.

2. Receive Your Monthly Content Calendar

So you know what we are writing for you, we plan out your content every month and send you a list of the post titles and due dates. Have a different idea for a post for one week? Just let us know and we can easily swap it in. Get your content calendar like clockwork every month and never plan your own content calendar yourself again.

Every month, receive your content marketing plan from Publoft

Every week, get new post that is part of your content marketing plan, from PubLoft.

3. Get A Fresh Post Every Monday

Every Monday, you can expect to get a new post that you can use for your email drip campaigns, next social media post, or as a tool to boost your SEO. The posts we send out on Mondays correlate with your content calendar, so you always know what to expect at the start of the week. Once the month is over, you get a brand new content calendar and your next post comes the next week with no lapse in service.

Now, Your Distribution Strategy

A blog post is nothing without a distribution strategy. We leverage SEO to get you seen on Google and drive organic traffic to your blog post, which gives ou the chance to convert website visitors without needing to pay for ads.

Keyword Strategy

We use SEMrush to do a full keyword analysis for your blog strategy. We'll identify the opportunities where you can rank high on Google, and craft the content that is optimized for those key words..

SEO Optimization

Once we pick the keyword for a post, we make sure that the final draft has the proper balance of keyword density and readability for your site visitors.

SEO Reporting

Once we write a SEO optimized post for you, we'll let you know how effective it was. Did it get you ranked #1? Great, let's do it again. Are you still stuck on the second page? Let's dive in and see what went wrong.

We Can Get Technical

We interview every writer, and each of them are the best in their craft. We've written on various technical topics like 3D printing in aerospace, Industry 4.0 manufacturing, and even programming. We take a research driven approach, which enables us to write on almost industry. Don't believe us? Take PubLoft for a spin and find out.

Get a dedicated writer based in the US

Get the credit for the posts we write for you

We won't bother with multiple "client calls" a week

You have direct email access to the founders

Content marketing can sometimes require technica content. Luckilly, we can do this quite well.

You'll Be In Good Company

From world class accelerators to quickly growing startups, many trust PubLoft with their content marketing efforts

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What Do You Say?

Content marketing for startups is crucial, but it also takes time.
Let us manage your blog for you so you can focus on growing your business. Deal?

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