How it works:

publoft branded keyword list showing top ranked keywords by search volume and difficulty

Keyword research

The moment you become a customer, we run an industry keyword analysis to find the most valuable keywords in your niche.

Then we assign a PubLoft Score based on the monthly search volume and difficulty to rank for each keyword. Lastly, you get to pick the ones you want to target, right from your custom customer portal.

publoft branded blog post actively being edited by writers and editors

Blog post creation

Once you’ve picked your top keywords, we immediately start writing your posts. Writers and editors work together to produce high quality blog content for your brand. Each post is between 1,000 and 1,200 words and targets one keyword.

Watch your post statuses change in your personal customer portal. After careful review, your posts are delivered to your inbox hot off the PubLoft Press every Monday morning, fully formatted, complete with relevant images and hyperlinks.

publoft branded search engine results page showing backlinking strategies blog post

Search engine ranking

While writing your blog posts, we’re actively working on improving your site’s HTML structure, helping you disavow toxic backlinks and determine how you stack up against your competition for each keyword.

Additionally, to grow your trust with Google and other search engines, we simultaneously build backlinks to the blog posts we write for you. This brings new traffic to your site and builds your domain authority so you can rank for keywords more efficiently over time.

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