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What is the PubLoft Writer Network?

The PWN is the amazing community of vetted writers and editors working together to produce world-class written content for our customers. We’re made up of wordsmiths and linguists from all walks of life, and our primal directive is to function as a team that improves with every post that goes out.

Come hungry for work and ready to grow professionally, and you’ll fit right in.

Do I need experience writing? 👶

Not necessarily. If your portfolio isn’t already resounding testament to your linguistic prowess, that’s okay. We’re more interested in talent than experience, so every applicant has a chance to prove their potential.

With that said, we do require a certain level of skill in order to write for our customers. To get into the Network, you need to show that you’ve got a way with words and know how to craft captivating blog content.

So, how do I get in?!

Every writer goes through a vetting period to show us their skill level with grammar, writing fluency, and creativity, as well as critical thinking and attention to detail. We ask that every applicant submit an example of their best work that fits our guidelines—if you’re a pro, that can be an existing piece you’ve already written; if you’re a newbie, it will be an unpaid piece from a topic list we provide.

Once you’ve blown our socks off, we’ll offer you a paid post. If you knock it out of the park, you get paid, and you’re officially accepted into the Network. Read more on our blog.

How long does vetting take?

Naturally, that all depends on how quick you are. The fastest we’ve seen applicants get into the PubLoft Writer Network is less than 2 days—and we’ve had applicants stay in the vetting stage for weeks because they didn’t accept new posts.

Overall, the average answer to this question is about 2-4 weeks from initial contact to steady work. Hint: if you haven’t heard form us after a couple weeeks, follow up—this game is a function of your hunger for success.

Once I’m in, how does payment work? 🤑

Starting rates vary, but we will let you know before you begin writing. Rates are set per project or per ongoing contract, with potential bonuses based on how easy you make the editors’ jobs. Over time, your base pay will increase, and the bonus will always be there.

We pay through PayPal every other Friday for the work you submitted during the two weeks prior to that payday. (Work you submit during a pay week will be paid the following payday.) Remember that PayPal fees are tax-deductible for freelancers.

What kinds of clients will I be writing for?

You’ll see opportunities of all kinds! If you can’t tell by now, we prefer the term “customers” rather than “clients,” and most of them are tech startups of all sizes, in all industries.

When you apply, you’ll have the opportunity to indicate your preferred topics. As you progress, we’ll always do our best to make sure you’re getting work that aligns with the subjects you care about most. 😊

How will I know what to write about?

Every customer has their own industry, their own specialty, and their own voice. As a result, each assignment includes details and specifications like writing tone, links to references, and the angle the customer would like to take.

Every few days, you’ll receive notifications for “up for grabs” posts. When you claim a post, you own it! Get creative, do good research, and become a little more of an expert on that topic each time you write. That’s the beauty of what we’re doing.

How often will I receive new assignments?

Remember that it’s up to you to accept posts—as frequently as you want, as long as you’re able to handle the workload without sacrificing quality. As we grow, our goal is to have enough work for every writer to be writing full-time! In the long-term, that can mean up to 2-3 posts per day—for now, two posts per week is a good baseline to set your expectations.

If you’re really good, we may offer you a longer-term contract as the exclusive writer for one or more of our customers. After all, our goal is to provide you with consistent work, and our customeres with consistently excellent content to market. We commit to our best freelancers, because we couldn’t be successful without you.

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