Ready for the future of freelance coding?

PubLoft is currently accepting applications from developers who show proven and obvious:
💬 Mastery of our required languages and tech stacks

We’re currently in the market for devs who can wield the Triforce of front-end: HTML, CSS & Javascript. We also need coders who are proficient in Javascript frameworks like Node, Angular, and React, as well as Wordpress/PHP (and PHP frameworks like Laravel), as well as DevOps who know DNS, AWS/Docker/GCP, and more. Feel free to still apply if you aren’t super proficient in any of these languages, but have significant proficiency in another.

🤔 Critical thinking & communication skills

At the core, exceptional programming is fundamentally rooted in exceptional thinking. No matter how extensive your experience, or how diverse your language set, it’s all for naught if the code itself isn’t what was needed. Understanding project requirements and communicating clearly, both internally and in well-commented code, goes a long way toward creating a better place to work.

👌 Passion for writing clear and concise code

Hairball code won’t do here—we aim for the best possible iterations we can possibly achieve with each and every line of code. While we never expect perfection on the first run, we love refactoring and you should, too.

🤹‍♀️ Ability to handle and organize multiple tasks at once

If you can juggle projects like The Flying Karamazov Brothers while staying organized and level-headed, you’re going places. Flexibility in the workplace is a huge bonus, especially because we work with many, many customers.

As a PubLoft developer, you’ll be expected to:

✅ Reasonably estimate and communicate timelines for tasks.

✅ Implement SEO recommendations to improve site performance and other factors.

✅ Make data-driven design improvements.

✅ Carefully proofread and edit your own code for clarity and accuracy.

✅ Use the Google to research your own solutions exhaustively before reaching out to colleagues.

✅ Anticipate technical problems that can be addressed proactively.

✅ Address those problems proactively.

Ready to apply?

If your GitHub is a resounding testament to these requirements, we’re excited to hear from you in the form below.

(If you’re not quite there yet, that’s okay! Look into Lambda School or other similar programs.)