What is PubLoft?
PubLoft manages blogs for startups so the founders don't have to. Every week, our customers get a fresh post that they can use however they wish. We also help distribute the blog posts by putting together an SEO strategy to get their blog posts ranked high on Google to bring in organic traffic to their site.
What makes us different?
Unlike a traditional agency, we want this to be as hands off for you as possible. You have a product to build and to sell, so working with us should take up practically none of your time. We're also startup people with startup backgrounds. So, we get it.
When is the best time to utilize PubLoft?
PubLoft should be used when a startup wants to be producing content to help with sales, marketing, and thought leadership. The best time to use us is after the founders realize that they have better things to do versus writing blog content, but before hiring a full time writer (That stuff is expensive).
Who Are The Writers?
All of our writers are in-house. We hire great writers who have a knack for researching technical topics. Every writer goes through an extensive hiring process, and we only let in the best.

The Specifics

Do you offer refunds?
Yes, if after the first month you are not pleased, let us know and we'll offer you a 100% questions asked.
Do you offer revisions?
We do not. Going through revision rounds takes up hours of back and forth communication, and our clients are usually too busy working on their startup to deal with it. If there are posts you want revisions on, then that leads to a conversation of if we are doing our job well. We always want to have that conversation so if you aren't pleased with your posts, please reach out.
Do I have to sign a contract?
We charge month by month with no commitments. We won't make you sign a contract or a commitment.
How many posts do you suggest we start with for our blog?
Four a month is a great number to start with.
Where should I direct other questions to?
Email us at