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Friendly, passionate, and distributed across the globe.

publoft cofounder mat sherman callmemat headshot
Mat Sherman

Cofounder & CEO

San Francisco, CA

I oversee sales, partnerships and fundraising. I also throw a mean hammer in Ultimate Frisbee 😉

publoft cofounder jeremy chevallier headshot on blue background
Jérémy Chevallier

Cofounder & COO

San Francisco, CA

I oversee all our content production and product design. I also care deeply about revolutionizing lawmaking.

john apolinar sales director for publoft
John Apolinar

Sales Director

Denver, CO

I oversee our sales org to build out repeatable sales processes. I also love cooking and once even out-grilled my dad!

publoft customer champion Sarah Glover headshot
Sarah Glover

Editor in Chief

Auckland, NZ

I make sure that our writing is polished, perfect and ready to go. I don’t correct anyone’s grammar on Facebook.

adam french lead tech support coordinator for publoft
Adam French

Lead Technical Coordinator

Tempe, AZ

I manage technical support for our full-service customers. I also host a podcast called Applying Awareness.

patricia patty howard lead content strategist for publoft
Patricia Howard

Lead Content Strategist

Bunker Hill, IN

I plan, research, and help develop content that aligns with our customers’ goals. I’m also a huge supporter of our educational system. (Thanks mom!)

rubain manzoor content strategist for publoft
Rubain Manzoor

Content Strategist

Toronto, ON

I create content strategies that drive value and measurable success for our customers. I also love to eat, so you’ll find me exploring unique eateries around the city!

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