Get paid to write well.

PubLoft independent strategists help businesses scale their content marketing. They take care of finding, closing, and managing their clients directly.
All you need to do is write great content for them.

Freelance writing successfully takes more than just a knack for words.

Finding clients

Great freelancers, we know you need to make sure your pipeline is full, which means selling your services constantly. This takes time away from you honing your craft.

Managing clients

When you have many clients, we know it can be hard to balance them all and still deliver great written content. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough clients, you can’t pay rent. Welcome to the world of freelance.

Estimating cash flow

When working with clients, late invoices are a usual occurrence. You need to factor this in when projecting how much you'll make every month. This isn’t ideal when planning for the future.

How it works:

mock up of typeform writer application

Apply & show your skills.

We believe in taking great care of our writers, because we know that you’ll write great content for our clients. With that said, we only let in the best content writers.

Before you can start, we’ll need you to apply and go through our vetting process to give us a sense of your skill level in multiple avenues, including grammar, fluency, and topic research.

Whether you’re a pro ready to knock out posts, or need a little PubLoft nurturing to be client-ready, we’ll always give you a shot at writing and provide you with helpful feedback to improve your work.

Come hungry and ready to grow professionally, and you’ll fit right in.

document being written by a publoft writer

Claim gigs & start writing.

Once you’re approved, we’ll send you notifications for relevant work opportunities that match your desired topics. Accept or reject work at your choosing, and remember—every gig we send you is steady, paid work for that customer.

As our content strategists develop the outlines you’ll use to write each article, get familiar with our guidelines and start crafting that beautiful content! If you have any questions throughout the process, you’ll have support from our internal team in our Slack workspace, which is sometimes a little too fun.

paypal payment notification mockup with a little extra

Get paid well, consistently.

Know how much you’re making every pay period, right in your payment dashboard. We pay you through PayPal, every other Friday. We pay well per post, with a potential bonus for each based on how the customer rates your post! Over time, your base pay will increase, and the bonus will always be there.

Apply to write

So, why PubLoft?

Work finds you

Spend more time honing your craft instead of finding and managing clients.

Biweekly payouts

PubLoft strategists charge their customers on a monthly basis, which means predictable pay for you. Get paid every other week, and never stress about monthly income.

Editor support

No matter how good you are, you can always get better. The PubLoft support network is designed to make you a better writer.

Get paid more over time

The longer you stay with us, the more you get paid—as long as you’re good, which we bet you are 😉

Be part of something new

PubLoft is an experiment. It’s not very often you can participate in a company as early stage as us. Come along for the ride and let’s make history.

What do you say?

Ready for a better freelance experience?